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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage

ASUSTOR SOHO Bundles Best Of The Year 2019In the past a NAS was a network device that protected and ensured data security by providing storage and backup. It was primarily targeted to and used by business users. However, due to the increasing digitization of data and the continual development of computers and mobile devices, the needs for storage are no longer just limited to businesses. A variety of different consumer segments are beginning to have increasing digital storage needs. In response to this, ASUSTOR has utilized a new and innovative non-traditional design concept to create a new generation of network storage devices. ASUSTOR is the first to create NAS products that are designed with an App-based concept, producing a versatile, flexible and customizable storage platform that has something to offer to all types of users. Users are free to create a unique and customized device according to their needs. In addition to the core storage features, ASUSTOR NAS offers an immense range of add-on functionality allowing users to discover the unlimited possibilities of NAS.

ASUSTOR Top Products

Asustor AS4002T

2-bay NAS

  • Hot-swappable
  • 3 year warranty, best in class
  • Up to 28TB Storage

Asustor AS5202T

Asustor AS5202T best seller

2-bay NAS

  • Intel Celeron dual core CPU
  • Three year warranty, best in class
  • Up to 28TB Storage

Asustor AS1004T v2

Asustor AS1004T v2 best seller

4-Bay NAS

  • Exceptional transfer performance
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Up to 56TB Storage