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ASUSTOR Storage with Adobe Creative Cloud

ASUSTOR NAS devices come with high capacity, high speeds and high flexibility. A wide variety of NAS devices produced by ASUSTOR come with a variety of features including, but not limited to breaking the Gigabit barrier by offering 2.5-Gigabit and 10-Gigabit solutions, easy expandability to even greater storage sizes and snapshots to ensure data is safe from loss or damage. All these features and more make working easier and more efficient when running Adobe software with an ASUSTOR NAS.

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How do ASUSTOR NAS devices help content creators?

High Capacity

High Capacity


Snapshot version history for Adobe Creative Cloud files

Live Collaboration

Live collaboration on projects



Diversified backup

Diversified backup solution

Record Live Streams

Records live streams

High Speeds and high Capacity Make Your Workflow Efficient

An ASUSTOR NAS is one of the best professional content creator storage devices for design and projects that use Adobe’s award winning ecosystem.

Audio and video creators will find that ASUSTOR’s 10-Gigabit and 2.5-Gigabit NAS devices like the Lockerstor 10 an easy solution for expanding storage space for design software that use apps like Adobe Premiere and Adobe Lightroom. ASUSTOR NAS devices are also flexible, growing with your needs. An ASUSTOR NAS provides the ability to expand hard drive storage in a variety of ways, none of which requires downtime. Simply swap the drives installed for larger ones, add one more to your volume or purchase an AS6004U expansion unit when maximum storage capacity has been reached.

NAS with Adobe Lightroom

Protecting Against Data Loss by backing up your Adobe Creative Cloud Files

You need the safest access environment for your creative projects. ASUSTOR NAS devices provide the easiest backup and restore solutions for files of Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
Content creators only need to build a volume on their NAS and create a folder for Adobe Creative Cloud files that can be synchronized between a PC and NAS using ASUSTOR EZ Sync. Coupled with Btrfs, Snapshot Center as well as Adobe Creative Cloud automatically keep snapshots of your progress in the event of unintentional modifications or data loss. Up to 256 snapshots are created on an ASUSTOR NAS to help you or your design team instantly recover data if files are corrupt, unintentionally deleted or attacked by ransomware.

Data-Loss Protection

Be creative at anytime, anywhere
Hybrid cloud fulfill offsite and cloud backup, across time zone and region for collaboration.

Collaborating is major challenge for professional design teams separated by distance. Professional designers not only have to deal with frequent client feedback, but also need to find time to communicate with their coworkers and teammates. ASUSTOR NAS devices provide both local and offsite solutions for backups and file sharing. Utilize ASUSTOR NAS shared folders, network drives, DataSync Center and EZ Sync to help transfer, save and share important files between local and remote coworkers.

Be creative at anytime, anywhere

Work from Almost Any Device

Work efficiently from a smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. An ASUSTOR NAS supports almost any device with a web browser to share and download data from anywhere at any time with an Internet connection.

Work From any Device

Compatible with all your Apple devices

ASUSTOR NAS is compatible with the highest capacity hard disks on the market, allowing you to easily create an enormous personal cloud storage space. No matter you are at home or in your office, you can use Safari, the AFP file protocol, or the dedicated AiData iPhone/iPad app to connect to your ASUSTOR NAS. Additionally, built-in Time Machine support allows you to seamlessly back up data on your Mac to your ASUSTOR NAS. Furthermore, ASUSTOR NAS provides comprehensive backup solutions with flexible options including scheduling, two-way transfer support, one touch backups of external USB storage devices. The exclusive Mission Mode can be used to ensure the completion of backup jobs.

iMac Compatible

ASUSTOR NAS supports cross-platform file access. No matter if you are using Windows, Mac or Unix-like operating systems you will still be able to easily access your NAS. For Apple computers, ASUSTOR NAS supports the AFP file protocol. Simply enable the AFP service from ADM to allow file transfers between your NAS and Mac. You can also map your NAS as a network drive for added convenience.

MacBook Compatible

ASUSTOR NAS supports usage environments with multiple Mac devices, allowing each Mac to be individually backed up to the NAS. Each backup is also stored separately from the others to ensure privacy for each user.